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Clear the air—Fire Storm to Brain Storm

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With coffee set to brew, I water the garden. Sunday, we had picnicked on the coast, fanned by a gentle breeze. Monday night the winds churned in crazy directions. Now Tuesday morning the sky is smoky-brown as I spray the plants. Soon, I would learn that Santa Rosa was on fire.

It’s hard to describe the reaction when a loud speaker atop a Sheriff’s car is demanding that you leave your home NOW. The normal life becomes a run for life. We were lucky, ours was a grass fire, soon to be extinguished. We returned home to monitor the situation—prepared to go in an instant. Many other’s luck had run out ahead of the storm—loud speakers blaring behind them to GO NOW.

The internet, TV, radio etc. are filled with Fire Storm stories which will continue to unravel as Sonoma County rebuilds. The heart of the story is in Sonoma County’s ability to recover from disaster—to brainstorm better ways—to rise stronger with a greater community sense. I’ve included a link for monetary donations for material things—much needed for sure. After you do that, look to see who you can touch in another way. Is there someone who feels isolated? Let them know that you care. The greatest gift you can give is you.

Donate through the RCU Community Fund to help the victims of the 2017 North Bay fires.


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Elaine Webster writes fiction, creative non-fiction, essays and poetry from her studio in Windsor, California—the heart of Sonoma County Wine County. “It’s easy to be creative surrounded by the beauty of Northern California. We have the best of everything—good wine, food, art, culture and sense of community.”
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