The past twenty years have seen major advances in open-heart surgery. What was once considered a death sentence is now often curable. This is especially true with valve-repair and replacement surgeries. As caregiver for a heart patient, you face unique challenges. You must be friend, confidant, patient advocate, spiritual advisor, and nurse to your patient, all the while trying to keep your own life together.

Heartfelt chronicles sixteen years of the author’s life with her husband Blake as they struggle through his first major arrhythmia, to mitral-valve repair surgery, and onto recovery. Through Webster’s personal insights and common-sense advice, you’ll learn how to:

  • Take Care of Your Patient
  •  Find the right medical team
  •  Research hospitals
  •  Track down affordable health insurance
  •  Establish an exercise program
  •  Provide nursing care
  •  Weigh medical options
  •  Manage medications
  •  Cook heart-healthy cuisine and handle dietary restrictions
  •  Provide emotional support
  •  Oversee recovery after surgery
  •  Take Care of Yourself
  •  Keep a journal
  •  Enlist help
  •  Handle stress
  •  Exercise
  •  Deal with depression
  •  Maintain routines
  •  Make time for yourself
  •  Seek creative outlets
  •  Eat healthy
  •  Find a spiritual path.

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