Where Does Your Mind Go When It Wanders?

Wanderlust, a meditator’s nemesis.  I’ve been meditating for enough years now, that I can pretty much do it anywhere, anytime. I start out all soft and calm, a smile creeps on my face, my eyes focus on the swirling light, then bam, I’m thinking about the ingredients of chocolate pudding. Not only the ingredients, but the way it tastes on a hot afternoon in July.  July 4th to be exact, Independence Day.  Then I’m wondering how it would feel to be independently wealthy.  To go anywhere, buy anything, decide each day for itself. Where would I go?  I know, theBahamas.  I have a friend who just came back from theBahamas, where he swam with the dolphins.  Not the trained kind of dolphins, but wild pods of them.

Okay, bring it back to breath, reel it in, be still, be centered.  That’s better. . . there’s the peace again.  Aum.  Do some housekeeping, sweep out the clutter, watch the energy move up and down the spine.  Little swirling lights, and Master, sits on my shoulder and whispers in my ear.  He is so beautiful.

Master liked sweets.  I bet he’d like my chocolate pudding recipe. He also liked to play badminton in the upstairs hallways ofMount Washington.  Badminton’s an interesting game.  I have another friend who wrote a book about it―a rulebook. Back to breath . . . aum.  Master’s here reminding me that meditation is not a mind game, stay in the stillness, feel the peace, feel the love. He says, “sit, stay” as if I’m a pet.

Pets are interesting creatures. Dogs in particular.  The embodiment of unconditional love that we crave.  We’re gods to them, providing food, shelter, leadership and in return, they’ll die for us.  Humans seem incapable of this type of love. Do animals simply not know any better? Or is it people that don’t understand?

“Oh, Elaine . . .”

“Yes Master?”

“Where are you now?”

“I’m here.”

“Sit, stay.”