And The Beats Go On

amazon_ad1_300_250_beat1Grace Cathedral by Elaine Webster

God’s house in San Francisco is in a rich neighborhood

one where fancy people ride in fancier cars

and poor folks unload them at the Mark Hopkins hotel.

God lives in a rich neighborhood in San Francisco

so rich that he has his own pinball puzzle painted on the living room floor

for when he gets bored with heaven and wants to join with us

as we walk in circles

God’s house has heavy oak furniture so for all eternity it can’t be moved

God likes the way he makes things and wants them to stay that way

and not get stolen, broken or scratched

God’s organ is huge

as it would have to be to create the music in so many souls

his brass pipes are tall and stiff and full of air

yet tiny fingers of man or woman can stroke them musically to perform

the most intricate melodies that bring joy to the world

or pain

that’s the part I don’t get

I look to the wall and he hangs there


some say it was all for our sake

our sins or karma

but what if it was a simple mistake

not intentional at all

a bad day with bad people doing bad things

some say he rose up anyway

well he probably did

like a dog that shakes off the water from his soggy coat after a torrential downpour

then curls in the corner of his private heaven

where the master or mistress strokes his ears and kisses his nose

A girl with chartreuse hair hits the buttons on her phone with her thumbs

text messaging God I presume

she stares intent on the reply

I glance at the screen and it says

No worries