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Red Rock Canyon – Aliens Above Las Vegas

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As those of you who follow me on social media already know, I spent the past Memorial Day weekend with friends and hubby in Las Vegas, Nevada. After we landed at the airport, we took a quick auto tour of “the strip” which was as expected–the beyond cuckoo world of an adult Disneyland nestled smack dab in the middle of the Mojave Desert. We spent the rest of our time taking in the unique beauty of the surrounding area.

Taking into Consideration that the U.S. Government owns 85% of the land in Nevada, much of which is used by the military, it isn’t unusual to see unexplained objects in the night sky. Then, of course, there is the infamous Area 51 where rumors of alien contact run rampant. Still, I was surprised to find this video today taken the same night, from the same neighborhood, where we stayed.

Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area Red Rock Canyon NCA is a mere 15 miles west of Las Vegas and is easily seen from the strip. It is also an area visited by strange lights and objects in the night sky. There are numerous reports that aliens have been seen in the casinos, alongside Elvis sightings–remember Men in Black? I’ll have to admit that I am often tuned in to my surroundings–some may say psychic–at the very least, sensitive. That’s why I took this photo. Looks like an alien encampment to me–how about you?



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